Making sure directors and staff are paid the correct amount and on time to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently can be a headache. One that can easily be avoided by letting us take care of it for you

Our expert payroll team is able to set up your business for payroll and run monthly, weekly or fortnightly payroll as required. We provide all employees and directors with payslips and will notify you of payments to be made to HMRC.

We will prepare and submit your companies compulsory end of year return EPS and FPS submissions and process all mid-year forms such as P45’s and P46’s for new starters and those leaving the company.

Our team can advise your company on the most tax efficient way of drawing a director’s salary as well as providing you the necessary information about complicated issues such as SSP, SMP, SPP and student loans.

CIS can be a big sticking point for many construction businesses. We take care of this for you by verifying your sub-contractors, we will produce monthly CIS vouchers and deduct the correct percentage of CIS from each sub-contractor and file the corresponding CIS returns with HMRC. We will also make CIS reclaims for you if necessary to ensure you are paying the right amount each month

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